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3 Harmful Things to Avoid when it comes to your Hair

Harm seems unavoidable when it comes to your luscious locks, and the things we love the most are often the most damaging. It's a love hate relationship, isn't it? Well, I don't mean to be the bad news bear but there are three major things that you should try to avoid in order to protect your hair from unnecessary damage. Of course, I know these things are hard to completely rule out of your life and routine, but if you can decrease the exposure that your savvy strands get to the following three things, you will certainly be doing it a favour.

1. Avoid too much heat styling - Of course, you can't and don't want to completely drop your love affair with your flat iron, curlers and hair dryer, but these are by far the most damaging items that you can use on your hair. The heat from these products could leave you with an immediate burn if it comes into contact with your skin, so can you imagine what it's doing to your hair as you clamp down and drag your flat iron along your strands. It completely burns your hair, leaving it dry and brindle, ultimately giving you frizzies and those split ends that you hate so much! When you do use heat on your hair make sure you are using a high quality Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron and a heat protectant spray to decrease the amount of damage. Also use a deep conditioning treatment once a week like our Hair Conditioning Masque

2. Stay out of the sun - Opt for a hat! Hey! At least hats are super chic this season right? The sun is one of the best things about summer but unfortunately, it's not the best thing that you can provide for your locks! Everyone knows that it's never a good idea to bask out in the sun, roasting your skin for hours on end, but did you know that it's just as bad for your hair? The UV rays are just as damaging and possibly worse because you can't feel them burning your hair like you can your skin! Can you believe that? And scrap that idea of soaking your hair in lemon juice for a natural highlight! You're just asking for several bad hair days to come!

3. Don't over process your hair - Coloring your hair has been known as a big "no-no" for years. Think about it... you're soaking your hair in chemicals to make it completely turn a different color. You love your hair, so why not treat it that way? Now I know that some of you won't be able to completely rule out dye jobs, highlights or covering up your greys, so just remember to always use color safe moisturizers on your hair to ensure you have a great color job that won't leave you with a split end mess at the end of the day. Spend a day doing a deep hair repair therapy session to really rejuvenate and revitalize your hair.

Of course, you want good hair days, but if you constantly expose your luscious locks to these three things, they certainly won't be luscious for much longer!