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Get Kalo Hair Inhibitor and stop unwanted hair growth

as detailed in the clinical trial conducted at the I. M. Sechenov Clinic October 31, 2000. Results vary.

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Kalo Post Epilating Spray 4 oz/120 ml Kalo Post Epilating Spray 4oz

After removing unwanted hair by the root apply Kalo Hair Inhibiting Spray to reduce hair from growing back.

List Price: $62.00
Our Price (USD): $62.00

Kalo Spray and IHT Kalo Post Epilating Spray & Ingrown Hair Treatment

Pack includes Kalo spray and Kalo Ingrown Hair treatment.

Our Price (USD): $76.50

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment 4oz

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment can be applied to all types of hair removal rashes and irritations. Kalo IHT softens the skin and exfoliates the affected area providing relief from pimples, ingrown hair, razor bumps and redness.

Our Price (USD): $27.95

Emjoi Emagine Epilator (Corded) Emjoi Emagine Epilator AP-18

Electrically operated (corded) Emagine is the ultimate hair remover with 72 tweezers, the most on the market, remove the majority of hair the first time.

Our Price (USD): $99.95

Emjoi Epislim AP-14LC Epilator Emjoi Epislim+ e18 Epilator

A compact epilator that removes hair from the root from delicate areas like the upper lip, chin, cheek area bikini line and underarms.

List Price: $34.95
Our Price (USD): $34.95
Emjoi Micro-Pedi Emjoi Micro-Pedi

For beautiful smooth feet.

Our Price (USD): $39.95

What is Kalo?
A Hair Inhibitor to Stop Unwanted Hair Growth*

Kalo Post Epilating Spray is a true hair inhibitor to stop unwanted hair growth. Kalo does not need to be used for the rest of your life. In fact you do not even need to use Kalo Hair Inhibitor every day. Just apply the spray after your regular hair removal method whether that's waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, laser hair removal etc. Hair should be removed by the root. Kalo is applied three times the day of the hair removal and three times the next day. There is no need to use Kalo again until the next hair removal session. Each time you use Kalo the hair will come back weaker, finer and slower until the hair growth has stopped.*

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment is an effective additional product to the Kalo line that helps to reduce ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Our Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment can be used as a standalone product to prevent ingrown hairs or in addition to the Kalo Post Epilating Spray for inhibiting hair regrowth.

The most common areas to remove hair from are: Facial Hair - Upper Lip, Eyebrows, Chin, Sideburns, Leg Hair - Under Arm Hair - Back Hair - Chest Hair - Pubic Hair/Bikini Line - Ear Hair

**Kalo is also very effective at slowing the hair growth down when used after shaving.

Introduced in early 1997 Kalo® was the first product of its kind to be released on the market. Kalo® is sold internationally, currently in over 40 countries.

All Kalo hair inhibitor and ingrown hair treatment products ship from Coralville, Iowa, resulting in fast delivery for destinations in New York NY, Chicago Illinois, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, Alexandria Virginia, Charlotte & Raleigh North Carolina, Boston & Newton MA, Columbus & Cincinnati Ohio, and nearby cities. Customers will also experience relatively fast shipping times when you buy any Kalo hair removal product online for orders to Atlanta Georgia, Nashville, TN, Minneapolis MN, Detroit Michigan, Indianapolis Indiana, Louisville Kentucky, St. Louis & Kansas City MO, Memphis TN, Milwaukee WI, Des Moines Iowa and New Orleans, LA. for All Kalo orders placed to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco & San Jose CA, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin Texas, Albuquerque New Mexico, Phoenix Arizona, Denver Colorado, Miami & Jacksonville Florida, Seattle Washington, Las Vegas Nevada or Portland OR.Max $5 For Priority Mail

If you are not happy with our product for ANY reason return it for 100% of your money back plus the original shipping charges just for trying it.

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Kalo® Spray – 4 oz / 120 ml

(Generally for larger areas)


Approx. number of uses per tube

Legs ½

6 – 8

Legs Full

3 – 4


6 – 8


3 – 4


3 – 4

Usage based on 3 applications immediately after waxing and 3 applications the following day (i.e. total of 6 applications per epilating session). Amount of product used will vary due to: Size of person/body part, Dryness/absorbency of skin.

*as detailed in the clinical trial conducted at the I. M. Sechenov Clinic October 31, 2000. Results vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physical hair removal such as waxing, epilating, tweezing. As this is sure to remove the hair at the root. Other popular hair removal methods are IPL, laser or electrolysis. Using Kalo Lotion or Spray with any of these methods greatly enhances results.
At home the best tool to use is an epilator which removes the hair from the root and will provide the longest time between seeing regrowth of the hair. Using Kalo Lotion or Spray with any of these methods greatly enhances results.
There are several chemical depilatories (Hair Removal Cream) which can help in short term hair reduction with some significant risk of skin irritation. Be advised that these chemical depilatories may cause severe skin irritation and burning. Kalo is a hair inhibitor lotion that helps to reduce hair growth after the hair has been removed.
For women try tweezing, waxing or epilating. For men would be shaving or laser.
A majority of these products you will see have wild significant claims. Ensure you research the product you are buying and check reviews carefully.
For women try tweezing, waxing or epilating. For men would be shaving or laser.
We strongly suggest laser treatments done by a professional as skin and hair types vary and laser intensity is controlled better to reduce the chance of receiving burns. Using Kalo Lotion or Spray with this treatment greatly enhances results and ensure to continue to use Kalo until the last hair has been expelled.
All Kalo post-epilating lotions and spray will reduce the need to shave as frequently and will not provide permanent results.
There is no diet or special food you can eat to reduce hair growth or remove hair.
For Kalo to work effectively you need to remove the hair from the root, since NoNo hair remover does not remove the hair from the root and uses a heated wire to remove hair on the surface of the body - Kalo would not work with this product.
Products like Silk'n Flash&Go are light based hair removal systems. They use pulses of light to remove hair root from the body. Kalo works most effectively when the root of the hair is removed.
Products like Yes! use a blade to shave the hair from the body. For Kalo to work effectively you need to remove the hair from the root, since Yes! only removes the hair from the surface, similar to shaving, Kalo would not be as effective with this product.
We can't directly tell you what to use but we can provide some pointers to help you decide. Selecting a hair removal method depends entirely on sensitivity of your skin, your skin tone and the colour and texture of your hair, how often you are willing to undergo the procedure of removing the hair, if pain is an issue when you want to remove the hair, and the overall cost associated with the hair removal. These are the factors you need to consider when selecting a hair removal process. Shaving is the most direct but will need to be repeated every 1-3 days. Waxing and sugaring and epilating target the root and provide longer hair removal at a higher cost and some associated pain. Laser and Light treatments also hit the hair at the root but have a higher cost and can still be uncomfortable or painful. Kalo can slightly help reduce the amount of hair regrowth if applied after shaving and Kalo will work most effectively to inhibit hair regrowth in the other hair removal methods because they remove the hair at the root.
We strongly suggest you don’t use chemical depilatories. We suggest that you use shaving, tweezing or threading if you have sensitive skin.
No, Kalo is not a hair removal system, it is a hair inhibitor. You need to have removed the hair previously before applying Kalo for Kalo to work effectively.
As will all cosmetic products an individual may have a reaction to one of the ingredients. We suggest you read the ingredient list then test a small area first prior to applying to any areas. If you use any product and notice any sort non prescribed negative reaction, stop use immediately.
It works great on both men and women alike. effective at both reducing, eliminating and preventing ingrown hairs.
No, you run a risk of infection and scarring if you try to pop out an ingrown hair.
You have several options to deal with causes of hirsutism (unusual hair growth on a person’s body or face, especially on a woman). Depending on how coarse or dark the hair is you may look into waxing strips and epilating. If it’s lighter “peach fuzz” hair you may leave or shave it off depending on how quickly it regrows. Using Kalo Lotion would be best after the hair is removed as it allows you to easily apply it to the affected area and inhibit hair regrowth.
Besides laser hair removal and electrolysis, all other method of hair removal may eventually result in ingrown hair. Exfoliation remains the most effective method to reduce the visible amount of ingrown hair you will experience. Combine exfoliation with Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment for maximum effect. Using Tweezers to remove ingrown hair is also a good decision if you are able to cleanly and safely remove the hair from where it is trapped.
They vary in price. You can view our selection in the following link.
Using electrolysis, laser, IPL (intense pulsed light) will not guarantee permanent hair removal. Hair often grows back. All these methods will work better with Kalo.
Nair and Neet works with Kalo to a degree, you will get a similar result as if you were using Kalo after shaving.

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