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Bed Bun Curls

We've all had those days where we want to get a little curl to our hair. Maybe you just want to opt for something different or you want to let your hair rest from the ever-so-damaging flat iron. Whatever your reasoning may be for wanting some curls, you more than likely are eagerly searching for a good, non-heat curler that provides amazing and defined curls that will hold.

It sounds impossible, I know.

As a woman with fairly straight hair, and a flat iron addiction to boot, I have discovered how imperative it is for every woman to know about amazing how to add fast curls to their hair without using a heating device. If I could show you my hair a couple months back before I came across these methods, I'd let my damaging, dry and split end infested hair do the talking.

Seriously. It was bad.

Bad hair news aside, there are so many amazing methods to curl your hair quickly and not kill it at the same time. It's all about the bun before bed! The first is the bun. Just before bed, dry your hair (blow-dried or air dried) until it is 80% dry. Work in some mousse from the roots to the ends, and throw your hair up into a ballet chignon. Spritz some hairspray and say goodnight.

Come the morning, you will reveal marvelous curls as you take the bun out. Do not comb or brush your hair, as this will ruin the beauty that your bun has created. Instead, use your fingers to detangle any messes.

Now you're ready to start your day with beautiful curls. All you had to do was spend five minutes before bed, and five minutes come the morning.

Does it get any better than that?