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Day to Night Hairstyles

The best thing about hair styles is that you can rock certain ones when you only have (the time) to do them once, right? The last thing anyone wants to do after a long Friday work day (or any day, really) is to come home and shower, just to get ready all over again. Thankfully, there are tons of hairstyles that you can do in the morning, and take them all the way to the end of the night, no matter what your agenda holds! With very little changes, get ready to rock your hair from rolling out of the sheets to passing out on them, hours later!

If you have short face-framing hair, you probably style it neat and classy for the day. Use a little hair wax and your fingers to make it a little messy and go hit up happy hour for some delicious martinis with the girls — and not have to worry about going home to get ready first!

If you have medium length hair that ends around your chin, (known as a bob), wear your hair in loose waves for the day and when you're ready to hit the down, simply pull your hair back into a pony tail. The loose waves from your day look will turn a boring pony tail into a chic hair style.

Another great alternative is to pin some pieces back from your face. Add a bang braid and clip for a little extra spunk!

If you have long hair and like to wear it down for work, it almost always falls flat by the end of the day. No need to worry — sleek your hair back into a bun by twirling specific pieces into a fun and twisted chignon. Of course, you should always have bobby pins hidden somewhere in the bottom of your super adorable purse!

Another great day to night look for long hair is to gather your hair at the nape of your neck at the end of the day, grab a strand of hair and twist around the hairband to hide it and voila! You have a chic and cute within minutes.

These little tweaks will take you from the boardroom to the bar within minutes — and some even seconds. All you need is a hair band and bobby pins, which you more than likely have somewhere in your purse already. Use your fingers to twist and twirl when necessary and there you go! Dance the night away — but not too late! You don't want to get too crazy and be late for the next morning at work!