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The Ultimate Hair Repair Routine

We all know getting your hair to look fully healthy every season is a challenge. The summer heat burns your luscious locks dry and the brisk wind of fall and winter tangle your hair in a wreck of split ends. It seems like we just can't win, doesn't it? However, it's not all bad news! While we're putting our hair through damaging routines, stressful regimes and weird rituals, all in hopes of making it look at its absolute best, it's safe to say that the damage us ladies do to our hair is pretty much inevitable. I mean, how many times have you been preached to about how damaging a hair iron is for your hair? Probably countless times, right? You also probably didn't even think twice before picking up your hair straightener the next time, now did you? Hey! I'm a lady too and I totally get it. We do what we have to do to make our hair look great, even if that means leaving it looking a little rough around the edges... literally. So, since I know all of you ladies are still going to pull your hair through that flaming hot hair iron, and wrap your strands around that 420 degree curling wand, I will refrain from telling you to discontinue using them. Like I said, I'm also a female, and I totally understand the addiction. Instead, I'm going to tell you about the ultimate hair repair routine that I do at least once a week to ensure that I am doing what I can to rejuvenate my locks and deter it from any further damage. As I said, using harmful things on our hair is inevitable, but we can certainly take the action towards keeping our hair luscious and lovely, while fighting the possibility of dry, frizzy ends. So without further ado, get your pens and papers ready, ladies, because this is one beauty regime that you won't want to miss out. Plus, your locks probably can't afford to miss out on this either! Here is my hair repair therapy routine.

The first thing that I do when I'm getting ready to indulge in a deep hair therapy session with my luscious locks is a great shower. Now, I don't just go in the shower and wash my hair with whatever shampoo and conditioner that I have in there. The products that you use and their ingredients are just as important as the process that you take to repair your damaged strands, or in best case scenarios, deter possible damage. Remember to only use about a quarters size amount of shampoo and conditioner. Believe it or not, but using more can actually be worse for your hair. I know it's tempting to want to pour the bottle of conditioner on your hair, but refrain from doing this. Trust me! Leave your conditioner in for about a minute or two before thoroughly rinsing. Voila! Step one done! P.S. These are tips that you can follow every time you wash your hair!

The second step is to add some deep moisturizing hair repair conditioner. The Nisim Hair Masque is my favorite and should only be used when your hair is really needing some help in the dry department, but as a female who uses heat products almost every single day, it's safe to say that you can probably use this deep conditioning hair masque once a week! Your hair needs it, right? For the ladies that colour their hair, you'll be happy to know that this product is also color friendly. I can hear you cheering from over here! What this means is that it won't damage your color, nor will it fade it, change it, or really do anything to your color. It's simply working moisture into your hair, so your color won't be touched. So apply this Deep Conditioning Masque and head to the next step!

Now, the last step is something that a lot of people don't know about, but it's absolutely the most crucial to giving yourself the deep hair repair therapy that you desperately need, and deserve. In order to thoroughly reap all the benefits of this intense routine, heat is needed! Sure, heat has always been the enemy for your hair, but not this time! It is not your enemy, it is your friend. I personally like to use a cordless Heat Therapy wrap which comfortably sits on your head, lightly heating your strands as you soak them in your Deep Conditioning Masque from step two. The heat penetrates the deep conditioners better, providing you with much better results, and essentially, better hair! Leave this in for about 15 minutes to half of an hour, rinse thoroughly and you are all rejuvenated up!

As a little extra, I sometimes do like to also apply a natural Argan oil to the ends of my strands that will only accentuate the effects received from the three previous steps. If you do this fabulous little routine once a week, you will drastically see an improvement within your again-luscious locks, as they’ll be more manageable, with no tangles, great bounce and shine. Those are three important factors when it comes to what we want in our hair, right? Since we all know that you’re not going to retire the hair iron or the curling wand, it’s imperative that you do what you can to keep your hair healthy, deterring any breakage and this is the one hair repair routine that you will need to follow to do just that! If you can’t retire your styling products in order to take care of your hair, just be sure to fix it up once in a while to ensure that it keeps looking at its best. It’s like oiling up your car, or putting some medicine on a cut, just for your luscious locks that you love so much!