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Fight the Frizz

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes a lot of humidity and a lot of frustrated frizzy females. You spend hours on end doing whatever you can to ensure that your hair doesn't turn into a giant fluff ball by the end of the day, but the second the humidity hits, POOF!

So what can you do to actually ban the frizz from your hair for this hot weather? Are you giving up because everything else that you have tried has failed you miserably? I'm sure every female can relate, but don't lose faith just yet. This next anti-frizz remedy may just be the one to say your hair day!

Start in the shower. Use something that hydrates your hair like F.A.S.T Shampoo! Once out of the shower, apply a leave in conditioner to help lock that moisture in your hair.

Now protection is the world of the season. SPF isn't all you need to keep yourself healthy this summer! You can find creams, sprays and lotions that will help to smooth your hair which will keep the frizz away and of course, they will protect your hair as well which will help against damaging your strands which will leave you with less split ends to frizz. It's always a good choice to indulge in a hair repair therapy at least once a week to really protect and rejuvenate your scalp and strands. Nisim’s Deep Conditioning hair Masque works great with the Heat therapy wrap for a once a week treatment.

Lastly, which hair styles you indulge in from day to day will determine your frizz factor. On days that are extremely hot and humid, try to avoid heat products at all costs. Opting for a natural look or a messy bun on these days will make your frizz look fashionable. Braids and French twists are also great options for those hot summer days when your hair is refusing to be tamed. Indulge in looks that are supposed to look messy, so when the heat, humidity and wind mess up your do, everyone else will think it's supposed to look fashionably frizzy.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you simply can't fight the 90% humidity and your hair will frizz, no matter what you do, but at least these tips and tricks will help reduce the frizz filled hair days.