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Recent Research Shows Hair loss and baldness are because of aging DNA

The beginning of baldness and hair loss may be the consequence of string-making stem cells getting broken with time, research has found. This leads to the inference that aged from damaged DNA may be a resulting cause for hair loss. The research, however didn't provide any examples of other factors of hair loss such as DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a sex steroid and androgen hormone which helps develop the hair follicle to product hair. Nisim carries a specific shampoo that helps reduce excess DHT on the scalp and you can find out more about it here.

Unlike stem cells present in even the intestines or body, which restore continuously, the cells in hair roots have cyclical dormant and productive stages. The cells in this help cause hair follicle miniaturisation leading to hair loss. The roots still develop hair although they're not as effective, so when the cells are prominent whilst the years go.

The results from researchers in the United States, Japan as well as the Netherlands, analyzed from hair thinning in aging rats discovered that era-associated DNA damage reduced the quantity of a specific gene, Collagen 17A1, within the roots. The researchers then examined this concept about the genes within rats by eliminating the gene entirely, which led to bald mice.

It's anticipated this study can help researchers to help develop methods to avoid and address age-related diseases. The same research group subsequently analysed the roots in people 56 years of age and older and discovered they also were smaller because they lacked the specific gene that helped with the Collagen 17A1 formation.