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Combo - F.A.S.T 2 Pack 10oz + FAST Wet/Dry Brush
Fast Shampoo and Conditioner | Sulfate Free

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F.A.S.T. - Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy - Shampoo & Conditioner - No Sulfates, Parabens or DEA

This shampoo and conditioner for fast growing hair works best when they are used together and is specifically formulated to maximize a clean and nutrient rich environment as well as provide the optimal essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins not found in regular shampoos to prolong, sustain and maximize fast hair growth. Leaves your hair feeling clean, smooth and manageable.

The more you use FAST shampoo and conditioner the better it works. The new formula of F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner with no sulfates, parabens or DEA is just as effective as the original version and is also backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee ► View Details

FAST 2 pack includes:

1 10 oz F.A.S.T. Shampoo
1 10 oz F.A.S.T. Conditioner

The FAST 2 pack (10 oz) is all you need to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: FAST is NOT a hair loss product. If you are looking for a HAIR LOSS product click here for NewHair Biofactors shampoo and extracts for hair loss.

Does FAST Shampoo really work?

Yes! FAST shampoo and conditioner really works. FAST works by feeding the hair with essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins not found in regular shampoos. This special blend provides essential nutrition to hair, allowing hair to grow as fast and as healthy as possible.

Note: FAST will only affect the hair on your head; it will not affect facial or body hair.

Brush your hair with FAST Wet/Dry Brush

This wide tooth brush is used for detangling long hair wet or dry. For really stubborn hair use it in the shower to comb conditioner through your hair. Hair can be especially fragile when wet, so using this wet dry brush will prevent any snapping or friction on the hair shaft.

• Effective on both wet and dry hair to eliminate tangles and knots.

• An intriguing hair brush solution in a classic style.
• A pleasant brushing experience with seamless brushing to detangle your hair with ease and minimize breakage.
• Soft , yet firm, thin bristles with rounded ends that keep hair from getting caught or pulled and gentle on the scalp.
• When used with the Nisim Spray Conditioner you can effectively eliminate static.
• Works best with FAST Conditioner.
• Perfect for thick, curly or straight hair.
• Can be used for all hair types and lengths including hair extensions and wigs.
• For the Ultimate salon look to hair, use with FAST Shampoo and Conditioners to grow your hair faster!
• No more tears!

100% Money Back Guarantee ► View Details

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