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So you want to indulge in the hair band trend but don't want to spend the money to go buy one? Well, there's no need for you to worry because with a few insider hair tips, you'll be able to pull off this look with your own locks! As long as you have hair to your shoulders or longer, you'll be able to make a braided hair band.

There are two ways to do this style. The first one is for those locks that just aren't long enough to braid and wrap around your head from one side to the other.

First, all you need to do is grab a chunk of hair, approximately an inch or two wide and thick, from right behind your ear. Although tempting, do not grab the hair at the back of your head. This will not only make your hair have a longer way to travel to get to the other side but it will also make the back look the bad kind of messy.

Once you have these strands in your hand, start to braid and then wrap them up from behind your ear and as far as it will go to the other side. Now, bobby pin where you can to keep the braid in place.

Now, you may be thinking that you only have half of a braid band because your hair is too short, but don't worry! This is where the tricks come into place. On the other side of your head, behind your ear, grab a chunk of hair just like you did for the first braid. Wrap the braid up so you're covering the part that the first braid missed, and bobby pin where needed.

Tuck the ends of both braids under one another so they're hidden. Again, pin where needed.

The exact same method can be done with longer hair and VOILA! There you have it! Your very own, and natural not to add, braid band. This is the perfect summer hair accessory to keep your strands off of your face on those hot and sticky days, but allows you to still look as chic and adorable as possible!

Just remember to pin where needed and hair spray your hair when completed to make sure the look holds from day to night.