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The Best Way To Use An Epilator

Handling your body hair needn't be a "hurry-job" in the shower with a shaver or a pre-planned "waxing nightmare", because there really is a method to reach salon-quality 'hairlessness' in the comfort of your own house, with very little fuss or trouble when combining and electric epilator and Kalo. In the event you have ever toyed with the notion of epilating, but the prospect of understanding the best way to do it or the pain factor has stood in your way, then this guide is for you. The great news is, the more you do it, the more easy using an epilator will end up.

Here are some no nonsense strategies for pain free, efficient, long lasting hair removal at home...

A couple of days before you epilate

If the idea of excruciating pain associated with epilation puts you away, you may want to understand that a day or two of prepping the skin can make a very big difference in minimizing the 'pain' variable. Skin that is cracked, parched, dry and sensitized is not good thus before you use body scrub or a body brush, to slough away any skin buildup, keep skin hydrated until you are prepared to epilate. Your softer, more supple skin will probably thank you for making the hair removal procedure a lot more comfy.

When you spend money on a professional hair removal service there are specific pre-treatment procedures that you may be able to integrate into your own DIY sessions. In a salon you'd anticipate an alcohol or pre-wax lotion to be applied to the area you are going to treat, when epilating at home, as well as the same is useful. Before you begin, locate a fragrance free lotion to prep skin and confirm skin is clean. If applying Kalo afterwards it is best not to opt for a pre-treatment as Kalo is a sufficient "post-treatment".

Take Your Time

Forget about ripping a plaster off, when epilating as being overly quick could mean you will miss some of these hairs and get a patchy effect, it is really better to be slow but certain. The very first time you epilate it is normal to feel somewhat uneasy. Relieve yourself by treating small regions round the knee and keep skin tight as you go. Do only a little bit at a time and stop when you have had enough. It's possible for you to construct a system that suits you. Prevent beginning with the ankle as it tends to be somewhat more sensitive.

Shorter hair is simpler to remove

The shorter the hair the less painful it is when you are epilating, so supposing it's your first time make sure the hair is cut down to about 3mm or a quarter inch. In the event you would like to make it even less distressing - epilate after a bath when skin remains a little damp and warm.

Regions that are sensitive

And in the event you are a regular at the fitness center, make use of a tea tree lotion to maintain cleanliness for a day or two after treatment.

Under arms

The hair under the arms will grow in three directions; down, across and up, so treat little sections at a time so that you can shift the direction of the epilator over all your underarm hair.