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The Best Hair Removal Method

Don't get ahead of yourselves just yet, ladies! Summer is still here for another month or so! It's definitely not time for you to cut out on your hair removal routines! Don't cut summer short. C'mon! It goes by too fast already! I know shaving can totally suck when you have to do it so frequently, and still having stubbles and then waxing just hurts like all hell, but I'm here to save the day and tell you about something super fabulous! The Epilator. The epi-what, you ask? Okay, don't worry! I'll explain!

The Epilator can look extremely intimidating and to be honest, quite terrifying, but I can assure you that my pain tolerance is next to nothing, and this is my favourite way of removing any unwanted hair, so bear with me, okay? It's almost like a bunch of tweezers that spin and pull several hairs out all at once. Unlike shaving, you get the root and unlike tweezing... well, could you image tweezing every single hair on your leg, one at a time? Yeah, that would suck. Thankfully, the epilator takes no longer time than it does to shave your legs, and I might even say that it's faster. All you do is make circular motions with the device on whatever area you want to remove hair, and it pulls away at the hairs, right at the roots. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that those little unwanted pests of hairs won't grow back near as fast as they do with shaving!

You may be asking why you wouldn't just wax then since it's the same difference, but it's not! The epilator is a one-time purchase and that's it! You don't have to constantly buy new products, such as wax or strips; so essentially, it's a cheaper method to go for you frugal ladies out there. It's also much gentler on your skin and hurts so much less. Compared to waxing, you will think that the epilator is a massage spa treatment!

There are several types of epilators. Some pull more hairs at once, while others go faster but hurt a little more, some have lights, and some are just simple basics. Have fun and try different ones to see what fits your needs best! The epilator is easy to efficiently clean so switching from the bikini line to your face is sanitary. I can also use a larger epilator for places like on my legs - Emjoi Emagine.

After removing your hair with your Epilator of choice apply Kalo Post Epilating lotion or spray 3 times the day of hair removal and 3 times the next day. This will slow down the hair regrowth and prevent about 10% of the hairs from growing back at all after each hair removal session.